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New Depression Treatment in Savannah

Suicidal ideation, in simple terms, means suicidal thoughts or thinking about taking your own life. These suicidal thoughts are common for people suffering depression or undergoing significant stress, but it is important to note that most people that experience suicidal thoughts do not take their own life (although they may still attempt to). This is why understanding suicidal ideation and proper treatment is essential.

Stressful or overwhelming events often are the chief cause of suicidal ideation. Financial struggles, loss of loved ones or relationships, or a debilitating illness may increase the likelihood of suicidal thoughts.

How Does Ketamine Help With Suicidal Thoughts?

Ketamine was first approved by the FDA as an anesthetic but has been used as a depression treatment since 2006. Infused at a low dose from an IV into the bloodstream, Ketamine has been shown to improve depression in 75-80% of patients. Spravato, an antidepressant nasal spray based on Ketamine, has also recently been approved by the FDA for treatment-resistant depression.

If you or a loved one is suffering from suicidal ideation and has questions about Ketamine treatment, we invite you to call us and schedule a free phone consultation to decide if Ketamine infusion therapy is right for you.

Can lifestyle changes reduce suicidal thoughts?

Although professional help is the best option, there are some home remedies that can decrease the risk of suicidal thoughts.

  • Form a support network. This may include friends, family, or members of your place of worship.

  • Physical activity. Exercise such as walking, jogging, biking, or swimming has been shown to reduce the symptoms of depression.

  • Cut out alcohol or drugs. Abuse of alcohol or recreational drugs may also make you more likely to act on your thoughts.


Learn how Ketamine Infusion Therapy is helping people just like you regain control of their life. We invite you to schedule a free consultation to see if Ketamine treatment is the right option for you.

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What are the warning signs of suicidal ideation?

Warning signs of suicidal thoughts may vary wildly from person to person and oftentimes are not initially obvious. That said, there are a number of signs and symptoms, including but not limited to:

Continually talking about or making jokes about suicide

  •  Pursuing the means of taking your own life, such as buying a gun or gathering pills

  •  Mood swings

  •  Avoiding social contact

  •  Alcohol or drug abuse

  •  Reckless or careless behavior

  •  Giving away belongings or saying goodbyes

  •  A sudden preoccupation with death or violence


Suicide Prevention

Though complete prevention may not be feasible, those suffering from suicidal thoughts should seek treatment as soon as possible. Some may turn to therapy or antidepressants, while others may turn to family and friends to set up a support network.

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